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About this blog and our passion for natural health.

Natural Health Information

This blog forms part of the Earth Balance natural health network. The entries are written by Mindy who is a student Naturopath, mother of four and ordinary person who loves to cook, learn about natural health & nutrition and share experiences. Many of the posts contained on this website are based on everyday experiences of a busy mum just trying to live her best life, eating nutritionally dense food, and utilising natural solutions to everyday problems.

This blog has been born out of a passion for learning and sharing. Mindy has managed to help her children & husband achieve wellness after some scary incidences. Her eldest son, Cayden, has been hospitalised twice for neutropenia (low white cells) and the doctors could not figure out why this was happening. Rather than go through invasive diagnostic techniques, it became of paramount importance for Mindy and Matt to try and provide the best nutrition and health for their kids. Since eliminating nearly all traces of processed food, Cayden, has had excellent blood panels and remains healthy since mid- 2014. ¬†Matt, Mindy’s husband, suffers with osteoarthritis and was starting to develop nodules on his hands and experiencing severe hip pain to the point where he could barely function. Since a complete diet overhaul, which included going gluten free (no more beer!), Matt has improved at least 80%. He is much brighter, happier and has reduced his weight by 15 kg in 7 months. Their youngest child, Zac, has eczema which seems to flare up after eating certain foods or when he is exposed to grasses. He eats a wholefoods diet that is dairy, gluten & soy free. His skin has improved dramatically, as has his moods.

It is truly empowering when you can use natural, basic methods to gain back health and prevent health problems in the future. It is hoped that by reading these posts, that you will gain some knowledge, or be inspired by our journey. Remember, health encompasses the whole person, not just tackling symptoms. Finding balance is key, not always easy, but working with nature to achieve this, need not be difficult, even in modern times.