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About Earth Balance

About Earth Balance Australia

Earth Balance Australia was founded in 2014 by husband and wife team, Matt and Mindy. It came about because they both share a huge passion for natural health and positive living. The goals in their life are centered around home and family, with four beautiful children and a rottweiler dog, Roxy.

Modern life can become complicated and as a result unhealthy choices are easy to make. With health and happiness in mind, we strive personally to eat and live well. Our diet consists of clean, whole food mostly sourced (whenever possible) from our local area. We are fortunate enough to live in beautiful East Gippsland in Victoria, which we have searched far and wide to find after moving way too much, but finally feel we are in the perfect area. We love it here, the air is clean, the landscape is beautiful and we are near the sea. It provides a wonderful environment for our children to grow up in. Another wonderful aspect about this area, is the abundant produce and growing conditions. We have access to local vegetables, fruit, grass fed meats, fresh seafood and even fresh nuts.

Mindy is studying to become a qualified naturopath. She believes emphatically in holistic healthcare and is consistently using this approach at home caring for her family. Naturopathy is a very important way of life that encompasses natural approaches to health while embracing modern medicine. Earth Balance is our true calling and we really hope we can provide natural, holistic products while sharing information that we are passionate about. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.