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Natural Teething Gel

Brauer Natural Teething Gel 20g

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Teething can be a very painful time for baby and stressful for mums and dads who have to stand by and watch their little ones suffer. Symptoms of teething include the following;

    -Excess irritability

    -Not eating as well

    -Not sleeping as well

    -Red Cheeks

    -Swollen Gums

    -Just not their happy selves

If you are concerned about any of these symptoms, please consult a health care professional. There are many things you can do to try and soothe a little one while they are going through teething, but sometimes applying a teething gel can really help. Most teething gels on the market contain Choline Salicylate, a chemical derived from Aspirin. Brauer’s teething gel is made from natural ingredients, so can be used safely from birth. The active ingredient is Chamomile, a soothing flower that is known for its calming effect. This combined with other natural ingredients, provides instant soothing to sore gums.

Ingredients: Each 1g contains 10 μL of each of: Aconitum nap. 30C; Actaea spicata 3X; Belladonna 30C; Chamomilla 30C; Colocynthis 6C; Kreosotum 6C; Merc. sol. 6C; Nux vomica 6C; Silicea 6C.

All Brauer Baby & Child products are free from:



    -Artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners

    -Gluten and lactose

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