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Peppermint Leaf Organic

Peppermint Leaf Organic

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Part of plant used: Leaves

May assist with: * Aromatherapy * Bronchitis * Cardiovascular/ Hypertension* Colds/ Flu* Congestion* Fatigue* Gastritis/ulcer * Headache/Migraine * IBS * Insect Repellent * Lice * Nausea * Nerve/Back Pain * Pain Relief * Sinus

How to use: Peppermint leaf makes a lovely, fresh herbal tea, steep 1 tsp. leaves per cup boiled water. Also used in salves, balms for congestion or pain relief. We also offer peppermint in the form of an essential oil.

Packaging: All of our herbs are packed in foil sealed, resealable bags with clear windows.

Peppermint is a vibrant herb that is best known for its fresh, minty aroma. It is used to aid with digestive complaints and nausea. It calms spasms in the stomach and the fresh taste can ease nausea. The fresh minty feel of peppermint, works well in lotions and balms for pain relief and easing of congestion. It cools the skin and can work to provide relief from pain by applying to the skin.

Caution: Do not use if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, are pregnant or breastfeeding or have any allergies without consulting a registered health practitioner first.

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