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Natural Pain Relief Patch

Natural Capsicum Pain Relieving Hot Patch

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For the temporary relief of minor joints and muscle pains

Active ingredients:

Capsicum Extract 2.89%

Menthol 7.8%

Camphor 9.6%


Relief of minor aches, and pains of muscle and joints associated with:

* simple backache

* arthritis

* strains

* bruises

* sprains

Capsicum pain relief Patches uses all natural Capsicum, the most important preliminary ingredient in capsicum pepper plant and medically proven to diminish the feeling of pains. This is a harmless, healthy as well as non-addictive skin patch that will provide a highly effective dosage of capsicum extract in addition to allowing your skin "breathe" by means of the numerous openings found on the patch.

1 sheet, size 7x10cm


Capsicum extract: 0.025% as Capsaicin

Direction of Use:

  • Clean up as well as dry impacted area.
  • Take off from backing membrane thereby applying to impacted area and never use more than 3 to 4 a day.
  • Take off after 8 hours.
  • For children and kids under ten years of age, please seek advice from a health care professional before use.
  • For external use only.
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