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Coconut Oil Cold Pressed 350ml

Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Cold Pressed

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This extra virgin coconut oil is made from organically grown and harvested coconuts from Fiji. Using a non-refined, cold pressed coconut oil is the perfect way to get all of the goodness contained within. This is packaged in a BPA free plastic container. It has a raw, natural, coconut flavour that is very pleasant used in many applications. It solidifies in cool temperatures below 18°c, but will liquefy when it is warmer. This oil is very stable and can change from a liquid to a solid and back again without effecting the quality. Some of the ways coconut oil can be used are as follows:

· Non-dairy butter replacement

· Cooking oil

· Baking oil

· Skin moisturiser for the body and face

· Base for some natural medicine

· Make-up remover (especially eye make up)

· A light spf 4 sunscreen

· A massage oil

· A baby nappy balm

· Hair Care conditioner treatment

In the past there has been a lot of theoretical scare mongering regarding saturated fats as being bad for us. This has recently been debunked and in some cases shown that many polyunsaturated fats are bad for us, particularly when heated as they can turn rancid. This wonderful oil is rich in lauric acid (about 50%), which can increase total serum cholesterol, but mostly high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol. Lauric Acid is found in human breast milk, a substance that is well known to have antimicrobial properties that protect infants from illness. In 2003, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that Lauric Acid has been characterised as having a favourable effect on total cholesterol than any other fatty acid, saturated or not. (Source: Mensink RP, Zock PL, Kester ADM, Katan MB (May 2003). "Effects of dietary fatty acids and carbohydrates on the ratio of serum total to HDL cholesterol and on serum lipids and apolipoproteins: a meta-analysis of 60 controlled trials". American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 77 (5): 1146–1155. ISSN 0002-9165. PMID 12716665.) There have been many other clinical scientific studies written about coconut oil and it is still a field being widely researched. Coconut oil contains no cholesterol or no Trans Fats, as it is naturally derived from the coconut. Eating coconut oil in the diet has many benefits and it is a great non-dairy substitute for butter for cooking, baking and spreads.

Coconut oil is stable oil; it has a high smoke point of 177°c and can be used for all kinds of cooking applications. Not only is coconut oil good to eat, it is good for your skin. As a natural, organic product, it can even be used on the face. Many people have reported that they have seen a reduction in wrinkles and age spots after using coconut oil on the face and body, after all it is a natural, antimicrobial oil. This Banaban brand of organic, cold pressed natural coconut oil is truly the best there is on the market, it is the real deal.

Advantages of using organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil

· It can help raise HDL (good) cholesterol

· It has antimicrobial properties due to being rich in lauric acid

· It has a high smoke point of 177°c

· It does not need to be refrigerated and remains stable when liquefied and back to solid

· It does not contain any dairy and makes an excellent butter replacement

· It is great to use on the skin and is safe for babies, children and adults

At Earth Balance, we seek to provide the best quality, unrefined products for good health and wellbeing. We truly hope for good health for everyone, and we believe it all starts with the goodness of nature.

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